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There are many mysterious people in the world. Have you heard about ghouls? Are they scary as what people think?
Sammy, a brave girl wants to discover secret things about ghouls, so she decided to cosplay a monster girl and mingle in the Monster school which was established for ghouls only. Help her look like a ghoul by dressing her up with the monster outfits and accessories so that she won't be detected. Who ghoul Sammy will cosplay?

- Enjoy the game in two mode:
+ Classic mode: Dress her up in different styles up to you. Change backgrounds from gallery by tapping on the icon Leaf and keeping in 2 seconds. You can pinch, zoom, rotate and move model and background also.
+ Time mode: Try your memory to make her look like the model to get the highest score
- You can pick and change:
+ Fascinating hairstyles
+ Different color for eyes, lips, skin
+ Accessories: earrings, necklaces/scafts, ribbons, shoes, socks,
+ Beautiful dresses and outfits: shirts, skirts or pants
- Take nice photos and share with people over Facebook, Twitter.. or save in gallery.

Install instructions

You must use Android 2.2 up to install this game. It's best displayed on Android mobile and tablets.

Download the file over or click on this link:


Tap the screen and select outfits and accessories for the pony.


Monster School Girl.apk 22 MB

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