A downloadable game for macOS and Android

Candy Zombie is a game based on a match-3, the interface is designed includes the zombie theme and attractive levels. This is a trip on a deserted island, where only has the existence of zombies, you'll have to beat the zombie to survive and collect all the items requested in each level. You will have the support of weapons to face the trouble, use the guns at the right time to complete the task.

Install instructions


- Many interesting and various levels

- Journey through many different areas, confronted with many kinds of zombie

- Weapon: 3 guns, you can buy the bullet at the listed price on the menu

- Collect treasures on the island with many beautiful shapes


- Change the position of the two items together to create sequence of similar items horizontally, vertically, or a combination of both horizontal and vertical. When at least 3 similar items are together, they will disappear. The more items of the same type together, the greater effect will be created, special items appear and many other items around it will be destroyed. Try combining more than 3 similar items and see what will happen, it'll be very funny!

Let's start your adventure, be brave and your ability will help you finish all the missions!


Candy Zombie.apk 14 MB